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Preactive Marketing derives from two marketing states – reactive and proactive.  You can’t endure long term success without a proactive approach.  Our marketing strategies will help you build a long term plan that helps you prepare for rainy days, avoiding a reactive state.

Here are a few things we’ve done for our clients.

· Marketing planning and management
· Website content and design planning
· Re-Branding/Re-Launch
· Email marketing
· Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
· Search engine optimization
· Search engine marketing
· Direct mail
· Event planning

The Preactive Marketing team is ready to tackle any project or task you need our expertise with.  Below you will find brief bios about our experience.  And, we’ll share a little bit of personal information about ourselves with you in hopes you’ll really get to know us.  Because at the end of the day, we want you to build a relationship with us the same way you build a relationship with your customers.

Ron Romanski
President – Preactive Marketing

Ron has over 10 years of e-marketing, social marketing, and integrated strategic marketing experience.  Most recently, many have sought Ron’s guidance on email marketing best practices.  Via email marketing alone, Ron has yielded campaigns that generated a 400% increase in revenue generation within the consumer sector over 6 months.  Ron has worked for organizations such as Jobfox, RE/MAX, and the Democratic National Committee.  He also has serviced over 100 associations and provided guidance to many start-ups.

Ron is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Media Studies.  He was exposed to marketing as an intern and hasn’t looked back since. 

Ron – a diehard college football fan – spends his Saturdays in the fall glued to his television watching football, specifically, his Penn State Nittany Lions. Yes – fans and graduates of Ohio State, Michigan, Iowa, and Pitt are still welcome to reach out!  He also loves the beach, wine tasting, and spending hours and hours obsessing with his Droid X.  (We sometimes wonder if it is glued to his hand!)

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