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CBD oil products

CBD is one of the fastest growing trends in consumer goods. A lot of brands in the industry are manufacturing CBD oil products, edibles, etc. dedicated to the additive that is well-known to relieve anxiety and pain, while even more entrepreneurs are starting entire businesses around cannabis products.

Even though the CBD industry is growing at a rapid rate and more and more positive impacts of CBD and benefits from CBD oil are being discovered, marketing CBD products is still one of the major challenges businesses face.

Why Marketing CBD Products is Difficult?

CBD oil products

Marketing and advertising CBD oil products remains a challenge despite such growth. While the United States legalized the production of industrial hemp, different advertising networks and different states have their own restrictions and regulations with regard to CBD marketing. This presents a major hurdle for CBD businesses to market their products, particularly online.

Apart from this, many popular online advertising platforms usually turn away from marketing CBD oil products. This leads to brick and mortar shops overtaking sales in their local area, completely beating out the larger competition.

Since the popular channels for marketing CBD oil are turning away from marketing CBD products and CBD businesses are missing out on the benefits of paid acquisition, this leaves many to wonder – where can you market CBD oil products? Fortunately, there are several options available:

CBD oil products

Influencer marketing allows you to tap into the groups of tastemakers in the industry and reach a wider audience. You can basically leverage the trust that influencers have gained over the years with their followers to market your CBD products and advertise the benefits from CBD oil in a reliable way.

In a digital publication, native advertising is the type of advertising where placements are made to look like relevant content. You can basically place your content into popular publications of all sizes and shapes and hence leverage their audience to grow awareness of your CBD products and brand.

Affiliate marketing allows you to generate organic traffic to your brand’s website by leveraging publishers. Since the affiliate fees are entirely performance-based, you can work with affiliate networks to acquire a low-risk method to generate traffic. It is recommended that you make sure that your retention and conversion plans are in place, as clients from affiliate partners typically generate the highest CLV.

CBD oil products

Another way to boost awareness about your CBD oil products is to market your brand to dedicated podcast listeners. Although it can be expensive, podcast ads provide you the opportunity to associate your CBD business with personalities listeners trust.

Even though it sounds traditional, marketing benefits from CBD oil via billboards works. You can take advantage of this old-school way of marketing to move your products in certain retail locations and hence grow awareness. It can get quite expensive though.

Final Word

The CBD industry is growing at a rapid rate. Regardless of extremely limiting regulations and restrictions on marketing CBD oil, CBD businesses can grow awareness with the above-mentioned marketing methods. As with any marketing strategy, it is highly recommended that you be attentive to data and always test and optimize your CBD marketing strategies to maximize your budget for ROI.