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Running a successful jewelry business requires thorough planning at every step. The jewelry industry is one of the most profitable in the world however, in order to thrive in this sector, you need to establish yourself as a brand. There is so much competition and so much variety in this industry that jewelry marketing has become very crucial. So, you must promote yourself as a brand, especially if you are a new jewelry business. There are many jewelry marketing strategies that can help you in this regard.

Following are some jewelry marketing tips you should follow:

Social Engagement
Engaging socially with people is one of the top marketing strategies for jewelry industry nowadays as it greatly helps put your business on the map. Social engagement is all about the activeness of your business on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Every business in this sector has different ways of marketing jewelry on social media e.g. some businesses market themselves on regular basis on virtually every platform.

A website is a great way to create a first impression on the user’s mind. If you don’t have an attractive and engaging website for your customers then it might be possible that they will forget about you. While you don’t necessarily need to create an e-commerce platform for your jewelry business, having a website for your jewelry business is a must.

High-Quality Photography
Want to create the best impression of your antique poison ring in the user’s perspective? High-quality photography is the answer. Jewelry is not just about photos, it is also about the quality of pictures that you display in your social media posts and on your website. High-quality photographs help customers to examine the type of diamonds or gems used in the jewelry which helps you in creating good opinion about your brand.

Introduce Special Offers
Special offers are another great way of marketing jewelry and increasing your sales. It is recommended that you put offers on different kinds of materials like silver, diamond, gold, etc. and also on various kinds of jewelry pieces e.g. poison ring, vintage necklace, etc. so that you can attract every kind of customer.

poison ring

Target the Right Location and Age-Group
Not everyone buys jewelry as it is one of the costlier things that anyone affords. Not to mention not everyone knows the difference between duplicate and real jewelry.

So, in order to boost your marketing efforts, it is recommended that you focus on these locations and age-group:

• Target the locations from where customers can visit your store easily.

• Focus on the age group of 20+

These are some of the jewelry business marketing ideas and strategies for boosting engagements with your customers and increasing your sales. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the many strategies for marketing jewelry. There are several more ways to make your jewelry business a success. If you are overwhelmed or aren’t sure where to start, then it would be a good idea to hire a marketing agency.

With an exceedingly more favorable legal and regulatory landscape than in yesteryears, the cannabis industry is experiencing expansion like never before. Despite this, however, the business of breaking into the industry cannot be dismissed as a simple one; in fact, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The laws and regulations that govern the industry are complicated and can be difficult to maneuver. The cannabis industry’s uniqueness makes it operate in a manner that does not necessarily follow conventional business logic. And there are just so many variables that need to be gotten right to have a successful business. Against this backdrop, there is a need for experts who can make the process considerably easier – these experts are cannabis consultants.

A cannabis consultant is an individual who helps in the making of tough decisions in your business and provides insight into specific areas you are not likely to be familiar with. These professionals are essential to businesses or prospective businesses in the cannabis industry, which is probably why cannabis consulting has steadily experienced oversaturation.

This situation makes it more difficult for business owners to navigate the entire process of hiring the right consultant for them. If you are in such a position, do not fret, we will be taking you through some crucial steps you can follow to ensure that you hire the right consultant(s).


Cannabis consultation involves many services and their respective professionals, such as Corporate & Tax law, Project Managing, Cannabis Marketing, Business Planning, Licensing, Lobbying, Real Estate, and so on. Clearly, you might not need all these services in the immediate stage of your business or due to other factors, which is why you have to identify the exact needs that are paramount to your business at the moment so that you can hire based on that. While some consultants may claim to be proficient in all these services, there is no “one-stop-shop” for every service you need. So you might want to opt for specific professionals in various services to benefit your business better. In doing this, to ensure coordination and fluidity, you must be very deliberate about the foundational consultant(s) who will act as the cornerstone of your team.


It is not really a good idea, as much as it could seem like one, to decide to hire the biggest names in the consulting business. You have to make sure you fashion out an appropriate process to adequately evaluate any consultant you are considering to ensure that they are the right fit for you in terms of both competence and compatibility with your business.

This evaluation process should involve questions designed to gauge the knowledge of the said consultant accurately. It is not uncommon to see people who do not adequately understand the cannabis industry’s language, parading themselves as experts in the business of cannabis consulting.

Also, be sure to consider the prospective consultant’s performance with his/her previous clients to ascertain the kind of expectations you could have if you end up hiring. Ensure that you require appropriate references to carry out your assessment expertly. In addition to considering past clients, you should also look at the consultant’s current clients to safeguard yourself against possible conflict of interest, especially in cases where such a consultant probably works for your competitors.


You have to ensure that you are aware of exactly how much commitment the consultant is willing to invest in your business. You want to make sure the consultant is on the same page with you in terms of the vision you have for your business. You can usually detect if a prospective consultant intends to be devoted to your business by taking cognizance of little gestures. Does he take time to sit with you to talk? Does he answer your questions clearly without evading? And check if he ensures you get all the information you require regarding the issues and operations.
Besides, you must spell out in clear terms the responsibilities, roles, targets, and expectations you have for your consultants. By doing this, you make it clear that there is a yardstick by which you would measure the performance of the consultant. For instance, a consultant in cannabis marketing should know your sales target and how his role as a consultant must facilitate reaching that goal.


In selecting a consultant to hire, there are some conduct that you should automatically regard as deal-breakers if manifested by a prospective consultant. First, you should be wary of consultants who would rather get their payments through equity. It is better when consultants are restricted to a traditional payment for services arrangement. If a consultant would only agree to payment by becoming a shareholder, you should consider it an indication that such a consultant might not be best for your business. A prospective consultant consistently replying to your questions with vague and ambiguous answers is a clear red flag. It shows that the consultant might not be as knowledgeable as you require or does not consider your business substantial enough to give well-thought-out answers to your enquires. The same applies to consultants who are hesitant to provide necessary referrals for you to carry out your evaluation.

Finally, it would help if you remembered that hiring a consultant to help with your business in the cannabis industry should not be viewed as an avenue to shift responsibility from yourself. That would be a recipe for disaster. Understand the limited nature of a consultant’s role; a consultant should not define your goals. They might help provide some insight into forming those goals. They might help refine the objectives, and eventually facilitate accomplishing them. However, it would be best if you maximize your involvement in these processes.

CBD that derives from hemp has gained a considerable amount of popularity and as a result, its market has expanded pretty fast within the past couple of years. Despite the substantial demand, it is a pretty challenging task to market a CBD-based product – be it a nasal spray or CBD edibles – under the radar of the FDA. However, the good news is that there are practical ways to market your CBD product. The purpose of this write-up is to provide you some inspiration about marketing CBD products such as nasal spray, CBD edibles etc.

Try to emphasize your difference
Although CBD products like nasal spray and CBD edibles are pretty new to many consumers, the competition has become intense already and the number of sellers is growing. It has become a mainstream business. So, branding is exceptionally important for any product that expects to thrive. In other words, you must find a way to differentiate your product.

Establish a strong online presence
Without a solid online presence, you cannot succeed in the modern-day market. With that said, you should invest on a website to market your CBD products. The website must be easy-to-use and simplified. In addition to that, it must clearly show off all the required information in a very clear manner.

In addition to branding, e-commerce functionality is a must-have characteristic on the website you design. The website must be able to facilitate visitors with a safe and easy buying process. It should be backed by a variety of payment options as well.

Trust the efficiency of emails
Email campaigns are exceptionally effective when it comes to selling products like CBD edibles and nasal spray. Sending a well-crafted, perfectly timed emails to the right market segment can deliver amazing results. You will be able to experience a considerable amount of success with personalized email campaigns. In general, the ROI of email marketing is higher and in general, they are exceptionally affordable. However, the email must have a very catchy subject line and a convincing body that explains the product details clearly. Also, you must be able to have a strong call-to-action feature included in the body of the email.

Try to build the business over PR as well
As of this writing, social media and popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon doesn’t allow us to promote CBD-related products. That is exactly why we cannot see CBD advertisements on Facebook, Pinterest etc. So, you cannot rely on social media to bring you any revenue. In that case, you will have to rely on your PR level. You can rely on publications on relevant magazines that reach your target audience. You must explain the benefits of products like CBD edibles and nasal spray in a reliable and fact-based manner.

Besides, you must have a very good awareness of the constant changes take place in this industry. You should stay focused on the latest news, trends and new findings of CBD products. Your updated knowledge should be put into practice if you expect to succeed in the industry.