Ok…so what exactly is it that we do for you?

First, we’ll ask you a series of questions about what you’ve done in the past and where you want to be in the future.  We’ll even ask to see some samples of past work to go along with results from each campaign.

Marketing analysis and metrics are the keys to your success. If you are just starting out or don’t have any analysis, that’s ok. We can help you with that, too!

From there…any one of the below solutions may be right for you.  Contact us today so we can get a conversation going about what you’ve done and where you want to be!

Marketing planning and management – we can develop a long term plan to achieve your marketing needs, with all tasks and action items noted with associated delivery dates.  And, we can manage and execute this plan for you, too.

Website content and re-design – whether you are launching a new site or need to freshen up the current one, we can review your website content and layout.  We can then provide recommendations to ensure you are using the proper search terms, have a flow and design that speaks to your customers and attracts new ones.

Blogs – we can create an online space for your blogs, help to develop blog content, write your blogs, and then position them using social media like Twitter and Facebook.  Our goal is to engage your target audience in a conversation and stream traffic to your website.  We can even help you to set up and establish a social media presence. (So you can showcase your blogs!)

Email marketing – we can manage the entire process for you – from content generation, template design, researching which Email Service Provider (ESP) is best for you, monitor deliverability rates, comply with CAN SPAM regulations, and monitor your ISP reputation.

Social media integration – it’s all about the conversation.  We’ll set up your presence in the social media world.  If you prefer, we can also help facilitate the conversation on your behalf via various social media options.

Direct mail – We can research vendors for you; then we’ll work with the vendor to create the direct mail piece, proof it, determine which target audience will be most effective for your business, and ensure the project is delivered on time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – not only will we provide you with a list of keywords that are best for your business, we will also make sure your website is on the proper platform to utilize SEO. Additionally, we’ll monitor the analytics to see “where” your best traffic comes from!

If you have a business problem or believe that your business isn’t reaching it’s full potential, contact us today!