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Do you own an antique Persian rug? Are you looking out for a buyer to dispose of this rug?

The Persian rugs have been in existence since more than 2500 years, so are the owners of these rugs! They have been passed from generation to generation, from old to young. They have evolved during this entire journey through time and space- from vintage to modern, from abstract to geometric, etc.

Persian Rugs
Persian Rugs

Why do people abandon their rich rugs?

The world is evolving at a much faster pace than anticipated. The prevailing mindset is to shed the old and prepare oneself to receive the new. Even though the original hand-crafted Persian rugs were a class apart, people in cities like London and other European countries are giving them away at random prices or they are just lying around an idle corner of their living spaces.
Whether rich or middle-class, people are more interested in buying flakes and cheap products instead of keeping the majestic intact.

Where can I sell my expensive Persian Rug?

Persian Rug

Sometimes people instead of just disposing off the rugs, look at recycling it or putting it up for a sale. Some of the most trusted online platforms to put up your Persian rug for sale includes:

Even though, you are putting up your Turkish rug for sale, it is imperative for the marketing consultant to advice the seller to not put an unreasonable price or quote on the product. The product must be true to its value, and quality. The usually accepted offer price (at any of the above listed sites) is 20% off the sale price.

Also, it is important for the seller to take up an expert advice before quoting a price to the Turkish rug. A marketing consultant plays a vital role in not only educating the client but also helping him get the right price (both while quoting and receiving) as he awaits the sale of the Turkish rug on an online portal.