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Law Firm Marketing

Law firm marketing became a competitive field, as for 2020, there are plenty of lawyer marketing strategies one can adopt. But this can turn out to be extremely challenging, especially if you are a pregnancy discrimination lawyer. Our recommendation is to opt for the service of a marketing consultant.

Still, if you first want to tackle the issue by yourself, you can start by considering the following strategies for your firm. These are applicable for any law firm, including the pregnancy discrimination lawyer niche. Let’s see up next what the most professional marketing consultants recommend as the best 2020 lawyer marketing strategies.

1 Budget content marketing and SEO for lawyers

The first thing you need to do is consider investing in search engine optimization for lawyers. Making your website visible via higher search engine ranking is more than necessary if you aim to attract more clients to your practice. Your law firm needs to be on the first page of either Google or Bing search results. But besides this, you will have to optimize your website to match specific queries. As such, marketing consultants recommend optimizing landing pages for specific action-related keywords. This means you can include call-to-action buttons/pages like legal advice for pregnancy discrimination.

2 Use your pregnancy discrimination lawyer reputation to create an online presence

Nowadays, the first thing a potential client looks for is customer testimonials. And you should know that 2019 statistics show that more than 80% of online users trust those reviews. This means a potential client will make a decision based on how other clients felt about your services. So, an excellent lawyer marketing strategy is to encourage your clients to share their experience with your business on your website, or other social media accounts your firm might own.

Law Firm Marketing

3 Always calculate your ROI to make sure your law firm has an efficient strategy

Well, it is not enough to implement a plan and share some content online. You will have to track, report, and analyze your results. And for this purpose, it is always best to request the services of a marketing consultant. This person will know how to analyze your online competition, how to generate leads, and how to boost your database so that you can attract new interested clients in the niche you are offering your services.

4 Don’t forget about geo-targeting

Market data reveals that almost all online users look for a business service that is near their area. This means that you won’t stumble upon potential clients that are willing to travel further than they need to. As such, geo-targeting represents one of the most straightforward and most efficient strategies to make sure your budget is used wisely. Specific targeting of your ad or website content will attract more users interested in your services based on the area they live in.

Law Firm Marketing

5 Focus on the customer journey

Indeed, relevancy is the key to online success. Still, many users don’t settle for the first answer query they get, especially when it comes to finding a pregnancy discrimination lawyer. As such, you will have to appeal to a user’s readiness to hire a lawyer. This means you will have to concentrate your marketing efforts on several adjustments meant to optimize bids depending on the quality of traffic.