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Preactive Marketing is a team of marketing geeks.  We are a unique team and believe the job we do for you should also be unique.  That’s why when we work on digital marketing projects for you – we’re always wondering…what’s the next trend?  How can we separate you from the competition? Meet the team.      

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy should be a high priority.  It’s basically the road map to help you reach your goals.  And to ensure all of your messaging is consistent. Preactive Marketing can help you in many different ways.  We can be just an advisor to you, we can create the strategy, we can also implement the strategy for you.  Also – we can be your marketing department, too. 

Website design

Consumers visit websites in a specific pattern and format.  The design is key to ensuring they return and stick around your website for more than a few seconds. Preactive Marketing can re-design your website for you – ensuring the right design is implemented, the navigation is easy to follow, and your content and graphics are updated.  

Search Engine Optimization

We provide you with a list of keywords that are best for your business, we will also make sure your website is on the proper platform to utilize SEO. Additionally, we’ll monitor the analytics to see “where” your best traffic comes from.  Preactive Marketing can do all of this for you.

Email Marketing

We manage the entire email marketing process for you – from content generation, template design, researching which Email Service Provider (ESP) is best for you, monitor deliverability rates, comply with CAN SPAM regulations, monitor your ISP reputation, and ensure you’re achieving the necessary ROI.

Social Media Marketing

It’s all about the conversation.  We’ll set up your presence in the social media world.  If you prefer, we can also help facilitate the conversation on your behalf via various social media options.  


We can create an online space for your blogs, help to develop blog content, write your blogs, and then position them using social media like Twitter and Facebook.  Our goal is to engage your target audience in a conversation and stream traffic to your website.  We can even help you to set up and establish a social media presence.

Press Releases

Have a big announcement to make?  We partner with a reputable PR firm in Washington, DC to help you get the news out.  We can also assist you with announcing via email, social media, web, etc.

Marketing Recruiting

We’ve interviewed a lot of people for marketing positions throughout our careers.  Sometimes a typical recruiter without a specialty in marketing doesn’t know how to ask the proper questions to make sure they are the best candidate for you.  We can present to you the best candidates for the role you’re looking to fill.

Marketing Fill-in

If a member of your marketing team has left your organization – don’t fret how you’ll get all of the work done.  We can fill-in for you until you make the new hire.  Either on-site or virtually – we can give you an extra pair of hands to ensure you’re team operates at peak efficiency.

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