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When we talk about the marijuana industry, it is not just about THC; the current generation is more concerned about CBD products. As researchers and medical health experts have obtained several pieces of evidence in support of cannabidiol, new age entrepreneurs are planning to enter the cannabis industry to serve the increased demands of the public.

If we look at the stats in the year 2018, CBD gummies were the third most commonly searched food term on the search engine. CBD products are also gaining more popularity for their abilities to treat several medical health conditions. In such a scenario, you may think that it is easier to market CBD product, but in actual, it involves huge efforts. Actually, the legality of marijuana products varies from state to state, and it is subjected to FDA rules. Also, these industries cannot promote their products to below 18 age group; hence, they cannot run social media ads or digital campaigns like other brands.

Indeed, CBD oil marketing is tricky, but if you want to succeed in this industry, it is important to find some trusted methods for brand promotion. Below we have highlighted few such SEO friendly options for new age entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry so that they can lead their brand in the competitive market:

Tip 1: Utilize the potential of subscribe button
Many new age CBD companies these days are utilizing the Amazon tactic by offering special subscribe and save option on a monthly basis. With this, they are locking customers to their brand while priming them to lead impactful product expansions in the market. At the same time, in order to boost the promotional campaigns online, they have also added the review feature to the product pages. With this, buyers can leave comments and talk about their experience with specific products; it naturally improves the brand authority online.

Tip 2: Choose micro advertising on social media
You might be aware of the fact that all top-rated social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest ban paid promotions for marijuana products. In this scenario, micro influencers are the best companions for the growing cannabis industries. When FCC has posed a restriction on social media celebrities; micro influencers can help you build higher engagement online by posting gold content or videos for CBD oil marketing.

Tip 3: Utilize content marketing
When open advertising is banned for the marijuana industry, CBD companies can make the best out of content marketing tactics. It is the best way to educate your customers about your latest product collections while building a strong reputation in the market. You can mix content with testimonials, videos, and images to make it more interactive and engaging for the audience. This SEO trend can divert more traffic on your website.

Tip 4: Referral-based promotions
Another popular and most effective SEO trend for CBD oil marketing is referral-based promotions. In this era of technologies, where the world is connected to the internet, referral links can easily help you to divert more traffic to your website. It is also possible to boost engagement with incentivized referrals. With this, you can also cultivate healthy relationships with the audience in the market.