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Preactive Marketing is a team of marketing geeks.  We are a unique team and believe the job we do for you should also be unique.  That’s why when we work on digital marketing projects for you – we’re always wondering…what’s the next trend?  How can we separate you from the competition? Meet the team.      

Ron RomanskiCEO & Chief Strategist

Ron and his team work relentlessly, one-on-one with clients to clearly understand their targeted consumer audiences, competitive challenges and market nuances; carefully crafting campaigns accordingly that have yielded tremendous results as evidenced by how his work once jumped product sales by 400% in 8 months and doubled member sales for online professional services client. Ron’s job within the company is more than to lead the organization – but to be the chief strategist working with the team to reach our clients’ goals.

Kate LangevoortMarketing Coordinator

 Kate first discovered Facebook long before the rest of the team did.  That’s because Kate was introduced to the tool when it was only used on college campuses.  Ever since she has been keeping up with the evolution of social media.   Kate’s role in marketing is evolving as she transitions from art education – but she has quickly learned best practices behind researching keywords, optimizing keywords, social media marketing, blogging, and much more.



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