If you’re an organization looking to make the most of your marketing, this is “THE” package for you.  Coined the Reactive Package, it is called that because you kinda have to be reactive to make your presence known at the table.  This is typically the stage when most companies struggle to find the right combination.

Full website content & design review:  We will do a page by page review of your current website, looking at the analytics, and determine which content and design is driving the most traffic to your site.  We’ll put our “consumer” hats on and put your site to the 30-second test.  From there, we’ll give you step by step, page by page, suggestions on how to improve conversions on your site.

No developer or graphic design skill set on hand?  No problem.  We have a few people we can recommend to get their hands dirty and get things done for you (and on time!).

Full competitor analysis:  So you know who the key players are in your industry.  But how well do you really know them?  We’ll put our “consumer” hats on and research everything we can about them…branding, social media presence, product offerings, you name it…

Establish a social media dialogue: Word of mouth marketing has made a comeback.  In fact, 90% of consumers are going to trust their friends and family with regards to making a purchase.  So, let’s get the conversation started and create a brand your customers  (and future ones) won’t forget.

Keyword optimization: First, we’ll research and make sure you’re using the proper key terms.  Then, we’ll make them work for you via your blogs, social media, website content etc. to grow organic traffic to your site.

Email marketing set-up:  We will review your email marketing data and give you a fully integrated plan to help drive traffic to your site and increase  open rates and conversion rates.  We can even launch and manage it for you, too.  But we’ll create a strategy and a plan that will take you to the next level (and compete with the 42 average marketing emails consumers receive daily!)

Ready to get started over a coffee or lunch?  Contact us today to schedule some time to talk a little bit about where you want to be. 

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