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Trick or treat: Is your marketing strategy scaring people away?

October 31st, 2012

Today is Halloween – a day full of corn mazes, haunted houses, and horror films; people seeking a scary thrill to make the hair on the back of their neck stand up.

Unless your business thrives on Halloween – its likely today will be a slow day for your business. Which is why it’s a perfect time to stop and evaluate your marketing strategy to determine if you have a good strategy or a house of horrors.

Sure – you don’t have cob webs and candelabras. Well…atleast we think you don’t. But there may be things you’re doing – or not doing – that is sending the wrong message – scaring people away from your business.

Are you scaring people away? Here is a quick and easy way to evaluate your marketing strategy:

1. Is your website like a corn maze? Websites are supposed to be easy to navigate – yet far too many are confusing and overwhelming. If it’s not clear within a few seconds where people should go – people are lost. Instead of trying to find their way out of the maze – when it comes to your website – they’ll just click away from your website…and never return. A good marketing strategy starts with your website. Create a website that has a new age design, includes the bells and whistles people look for, and is easy to navigate.

2. Does your SEO and keyword optimization strategy have cob webs? SEO and keyword optimization is how people find you via web searches. If you haven’t reviewed and modified your strategy within the last 30-days, it’s likely no longer effective. And if it’s no longer effective – you could be losing new business. Dust off the cob webs monthly, if not weekly, to ensure your strategy is still working.

3. Is your online reputation giving the impression you’re a house of horrors? Past experience is key. If people see enough negative comments about you online without any response from you – prospective customers are likely to think your operation is a house of horrors – and are very unlikely to do business with you. Blogging and a strong social media presence is key to ensuring you don’t scare people away with your online reputation.

These are just a few ways to verify you’re not spooking people away from wanting to do business with you. Your social media posts, your marketing emails, and the content of your blogs – unless it’s providing a “what’s in it for me” position – is also likely to scare people away from your business.

Need help evaluating your marketing strategy? We can provide a complimentary consultation on how you can avoid appearing like a house of horrors.


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