Want to know what your customers REALLY want? Ask them!

Posted by Preactive Marketing on Oct 13, 2010 in Featured | 0 comments

Do you know how many times I’ve sat in meetings, listening to the executive team try to decipher what the consumers wanted next from their product?

In today’s digital age – having a meeting to discuss such a question no longer holds any weight. You’re making a guess based on data that only depicts the current trends, not where things are headed.

My suggestion to clients is – ask your customers via social media! This is usually met with a long pause and a response of “Oh yeah!”

Social media is the “it” thing.  People are sharing what they’re currently doing.  They’re sharing pictures.  They’re sharing stories.  They’re sharing recent purchases.  They’re sharing good and bad experiences – all in real time.  Consumers like to talk.  Now it’s time to engage them in a conversation and get them to talk about you.

Implement a social media strategy to engage your consumers to talk about your organization – ask them what they like about your product, what they don’t like about your product, and what changes they would make if they could make the final decision.

Be sure to listen to what people say, thank them for sharing their thoughts, and then possibly even ask them to try out the beta version of your next product.  These are great and simple ways to engage your consumer base in talking about your organization and its products and services.

You’ll receive more valuable ideas and insight from interacting with your customers than any meeting held to just talk about data.

So remember, when trying to determine what your customers really want – Engage! Listen! Thank!

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