Hey – don’t hit send on that newsletter just yet. I know you want to send out mass amounts of information to your email database – driving traffic to your website and to your call to action. But who actually reads newsletters anyways? Do you?

My guess – if you do – is you typically scan the headlines – if something catches             your attention you click on it – glance at it – and delete the email. Not      completing any action besides skimming a few paragraphs.

So what has that accomplished? Nothing.

With today’s fast paced society –you need to make things as single focused as possible. Which is why the newsletter just doesn’t cut it today – and why you should tweak your email marketing practices to be more targeted and single focused.

How do I make my emails more targeted and single focused?

What is that one thing you want them to do? Focus your email on that and nothing else. If you want them to sign-up, buy something, or just to drive them to your Facebook or Twitter feeds – make your email all about that and nothing else.

Tell them what you want them to do in the second paragraph. The attention span today is non-existent. You have 3-5 seconds to get their attention. So organize your emails so first paragraph is brief intro – why should they care. Second paragraph is incentive – why should they act now. Third + paragraphs are for more meat behind the topic. But keep the paragraphs short and succinct – and don’t go beyond 5 paragraphs. I’d even say stop at 4 short paragraphs total. Your email isn’t a novel – it’s a brief note telling them what you’d like them to do and driving them to a landing page.

Talk like you know them. Because consumers have a lot of ways to communicate – they now expect their marketing to speak to them. So write your emails like you know them – but don’t make it sound like you know them too well or that will creep them out.

You’ll receive a higher rate of return on your emails if you simplify and cut out the outside stimuli. Think of it like training a puppy – a squirrel running across the yard or a leaf blowing in the wind will distract your puppy’s attention. Consumers will be distracted – too. Except in the form of text messages – app notifications – and any of the 100 sound your smart phone makes.

I welcome you to a complimentary analysis of your email marketing program – you provide the data – and we can share with you the areas you should focus on first. And if you decide you want to work with us – we’ll even discount the total costs by 15%.

Ron Romanski is CEO & Chief Strategist at Preactive Marketing, an independent marketing consultancy specializing in creative, integrated marketing solutions that are designed to engage your clients, build a relationship, and get you results. Preactive Marketing specializes in marketing planning and management that encompasses email marketing, social media, SEO, and website content and design. Ron has served in various leadership roles, leading projects and teams that achieved upwards of 400% increase in revenues for product offerings.

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