Blogging is important because it provides a short and easy read for your customers and prospective customers.  It basically shows you know your stuff and are an industry expert.

What makes blogging useful is applying the industry knowledge you possess and apply it to various situations that your customers and prospective customers would encounter.  In general, your blogs should follow a similar format as this:

  • What is the problem?
  • Does it relate to any recent news events?
  • How does your solution solve the problem?
  • What can they do to solve the problem themselves?

Also, be sure to include stuff like:

  • Hyperlinks to other pages, not just within your site.
  • Conversational tone – write as if you’re having a conversation with your consumer.
  • Ask them to share their story – this helps create a community among your customers and prospective customers.

Oh, and don’t forget to post your blogs on social media!

Contact us to discuss how your blogs can either follow the above guidelines or how we can help you blog.  We can write, edit, and post your blogs for you!